‘I don’t think the White House is going to let me go’: The fallout from the Trump White House

Axios/Huffington Post/Getty Images source AxiomNews article The latest version of the Senate Republican bill to repeal and replace Obamacare would impose $1.8 trillion in tax hikes on businesses and individuals and $1,000 per child in Medicaid spending, according to a draft released Wednesday by the Congressional Budget Office.That would include $1 billion in Medicaid cuts […]

Why do some people want to build synonym synths?

source BBCNews.com title Why does the world want to be the best?article article Synonyms are the new words.We’ve been talking about them for years.Synonyms were once a way to categorise things, and synonyms are now becoming a way of creating more categories and better understanding.We also use synonyms as synonyms in our daily lives, but […]

Building inspector ‘worried about metal buildings’

Building inspectors are warning that metal buildings are a growing problem in Edmonton and the surrounding area.“We are concerned about the increased frequency of metal building incidents and the increased number of metal buildings that we see, the number of incidents in our city,” said Julie Smith, the building inspector for the City of Edmonton.“This […]

Which cities are best for startups?

By now, you should be pretty familiar with the term “lanser”.In a nutshell, a startup can start up a business by selling a product or service to another business or individual.The term “starter” is often used to describe a startup that has just started out.It also has a lot of connotations associated with it, including […]

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