Why the Kardashians love ‘Game of Thrones’: What’s next for the HBO series?

By TOM WILSONIn Game of Thrones season 7, Sansa Stark’s (Sophie Turner) marriage to Ramsay Bolton (Kit Harington) has been in jeopardy.The couple have been fighting for months over Sansa’s succession, but HBO has not yet decided whether to renew the series for a third season.While some have speculated that the showrunners are ready to […]

What are you building at the 2017 Canadian National Exhibition?

Build Royalale is a new collaboration between Canadian Architectural Press and Quinn Architecture Group.The exhibition, which is expected to open to the public this fall, features a collection of new, modern, and contemporary designs by Canadian architects.The series includes three buildings that will be unveiled this fall at the opening of the Exhibition.The project was […]

New Delhi city building games to launch in April

New Delhi: The city building game, which launched in the US earlier this month, will be launched in April.It will feature five different city building types and six buildings, including an apartment building, the first of its kind in India, according to a release from the developer.The game will launch on the popular platform Minecraft, […]

The NFL’s next generation of unit builders will get their start in 2019

FEH Unit Builder will get its start in the 2019 season, the NFL announced Wednesday.The unit builder program is based on the NFL’s NFL Units model and will be expanded to cover the 2019 regular season.The NFL announced the expansion of the NFL Units program during its Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction in Canton, […]

Why you should care about Mordekaiser’s Pantheon build

Posted September 17, 2018 09:10:20The new patch for the upcoming Mordekaisers Pantheon builds, which hit on September 18, was one of the most talked about patches of the year.The build is set to take the top spot on the ladder at the moment with over 1,000 ranked games and a number of players have already […]

Which states should be worried about the Trump administration’s plan to dump a huge coal ash dump?

The White House announced Wednesday that it will remove more than 20 million tons of coal ash from the Marcellus Shale region of Pennsylvania, with more than half the remaining ash still slated for export.It is the largest coal ash disposal in the U.S. since a federal law in 2015 allowed states to dump more […]

How I went from ‘poe ninja’ to the real-life ninja of the ninja world

Poe’s ninja-themed game is now available for Windows PCs, the first time in years that it’s been officially released on consoles.The game was originally available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and then in mobile devices and tablets, but the company is now releasing it on PC, too.Poe’s Ninja: The Legend of the Hidden Ninja […]

How to build your own PC for a small business

Build your own personal PC with the help of a small budget, but you can also use the built-in software and hardware of your own computer.1.Purchase an SSD drive1.Get an external hard drive (external hard drives are best)2.Buy a new motherboard3.Buy an SSD4.Install an operating system.5.Install a virtualization software (VirtualBox, VMware Fusion, etc.)6.Install Windows 10.7.Install […]

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