UK builder building bridges with the power of a smart home

BUILDING Connected Buildings is a brand new program of the British Council that aims to connect builders with the people who will need to live with them in the future.

Beset by an oversupply of building materials, the British building industry has struggled for years with a lack of supply.

The government recently announced that the UK will be cutting back on its planned supply of building material by one-third by 2020.

This has been met with criticism from builders, who say the supply chain is already stretched.

One builder told The Telegraph: “There is no shortage of materials available.

The government has got to address the shortage of building products and supply chain.”

But it is also part of a wider plan to cut back on the amount of building that is required.

And in a bid to reduce the amount that needs to be done, the government is investing £3 billion ($4 billion) into a program called ‘builders on boards’.

The program aims to make it easier for builders to work with the Government and their customers.

Under the program, builders will be able to tap into government data to develop new solutions to build more sustainable homes.

With the new technology, builders can also make sure they’re getting the right kind of building to meet their customers needs.

A spokesperson for the British Building Council said: “We’re working to build a sustainable and affordable building industry in the UK and will continue to build bridges with other parts of the country to bring new materials and skills to the UK building sector.”

This article originally appeared on The Conversation.

Read the original article here.

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