How to find the best Kodi updates for your video player and browser version

We’re still a long way from a universal Kodi update system, but it’s clear we’ve made some progress in the last year.

With the release of the latest Kodi 11.1, the community has been able to install and update their Kodi addons as they see fit.

In the meantime, you can try to find out which updates are compatible with your browser and addons, and which ones won’t.

The Globe and Mail recently ran a quick search for the best and most compatible Kodi add-ons to find your way around.

To help you, we’ve gathered together the best ones to get you up and running with Kodi 11, the newest version.


FirefoxFirefox is one of the oldest browsers on the market, but the update it released last year to fix an exploit could easily have left users in limbo.

Firefox now requires at least Firefox 19.

To get this latest update, click on the Firefox add-on in the main toolbar, then click on Settings.

In Firefox’s main menu, scroll down to “About Firefox” and select “Update.”

Firefox should then install the latest Firefox addons.

This will require that you update the browser version in your browser.


Opera Opera is the latest browser to get Firefox, and with the latest version of the update, the browser is now more compatible with the upcoming Universal Kodi update.

Opera’s updated version of Firefox now includes an optional feature that can help with security and privacy.

If you’re running Firefox 24.5, or later, the add-in will allow you to set a privacy preference that will automatically set your browser to use the latest and greatest version of security fixes for any websites you visit.

You can do this from within the add on’s settings.


Google ChromeThe Chrome browser is the most popular browser for most people, and the latest update to the browser brings in a few new features to improve security and ease up the process of using your browser for your online privacy.

The newest update for Chrome also adds support for the upcoming Kodi 11 release, which includes an option for Kodi to encrypt your online activity.

If this is your first time using Kodi, you’ll want to check out the full list of new features in the addons section of the Chrome web browser.


Google PhotosGoogle Photos has been around since 2011, but this update to Chrome includes an improved user interface that’s better for browsing photos, as well as improved security features.

This update also allows users to add new albums to Google Photos.

To add an album, go to the Photos menu in Chrome, then go to “Add Album” in the Add menu.

Click “Add.”

Then click on “Add” from the list of available options.


Google DocsGoogle Docs is an open-source document management system, and its newest update to Firefox brings with it support for a new feature called “Share.”

Google Doc is also getting an upgrade to the “Share extension” in Firefox.

When you open a document in Google Doc, it will appear in a new tab in the document browser.

To share a document, go back to the document tab, then open the new tab by clicking the “share” icon in the top left corner.

When sharing, it’s important to select “Save to Google Drive” when sharing the document with anyone else.


YouTube YouTube is a video streaming service, and Google’s latest update adds support to the popular web player.

You’ll need to upgrade to Firefox’s add-ins to take advantage of this new feature.

To download the latest YouTube add-for-free, go directly to the YouTube addons menu and select the “Add-ons” tab.

From there, click “Add for Free.”


Facebook It’s not often that you find a web-based Facebook app that includes the ability to set privacy settings, but in this case, the app’s privacy settings are pretty good.

To set privacy options for the app, go into the settings menu and click “Privacy.”

The settings menu will be divided into four sections, which are Privacy, Content, Privacy Settings, and Facebook settings.


Google Play NowIt’s easy to forget that Google Play is one step behind Apple and Amazon on the cloud, but you can get the latest Android update to add Google Play services to your Android device.

To install the update in your device’s software, follow these steps: Select the option for Google Play Services from the menu.

Then select “update.”


Facebook will now prompt you to sign in with Facebook’s account.

To do this, tap the “sign in” icon at the bottom of the screen, then tap the Google Account icon.

After you’ve signed in, Facebook will take you to the main menu where you’ll be able to change your account information and add your social network.


Google Search Google Search is the one and only search engine for your smartphone, and this update from Google is a huge upgrade for

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