Rhode Island team building activities resume after Hurricane Florence

The Rhode Island Red Cross has resumed team building activity at its facilities following Hurricane Florence, and the agency said it is continuing to distribute food and other supplies.

The Red Cross is also making additional efforts to get residents and visitors back into their homes and businesses, said spokeswoman Amanda White.

“We will continue to work with our partners to distribute free supplies and other services to our communities,” she said.

The agency said the Red Cross will be reopening some of its community-based programs as soon as possible.

The storm destroyed or damaged at least 11,500 homes and about 1,500 businesses in Rhode Island.

The Red Cross said the number of people without power and water dropped by more than 10 percent and that more than 4,200 people were still without power in some areas.

The governor has called for the Red Sox to play in Providence on Friday and has said the league’s schedule will be rearranged.

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