How to save a $15,000 house in the Mueller Building

A home owner has been hit with a $16,000 bill for a $150,000 property in Mueller Building.

A homeowner in the Washington, DC suburb of Alexandria, Virginia, was contacted by the owner of a house in Mueller, who claimed they had been overcharged.

The owner told the homeowner he was unable to pay the bill because he was living in an unoccupied house.

However, after going through the bank records, the homeowner was able to verify the bank was not involved in the charge and the bank did not take any action.

The homeowner had also contacted the owner via email, but no further communication was made.

The bank is still investigating the matter and may take further action.

According to a statement from the Washington Post, the bank said: “Our investigations have found no evidence of any wrongdoing at this time, but we will be taking further action if further evidence arises.”

The owner of the house has yet to pay off the bill.

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