How to change the settings of Google Chrome on the fly

Now you can make changes to Chrome’s settings from your desktop without needing to log out of Chrome.

You can do this from any webpage, by visiting the chrome://settings page in the browser and clicking on the gear icon.

From there, you can open the options panel and change all the settings that apply to the current session.

It’s a great way to change settings on a device that is in your pocket.

The best thing about this feature is that it’s completely safe and can be done without leaving the Chrome browser.

Just follow these steps: Open Chrome’s Settings page Click on the Gear icon Click on Settings Click on Advanced Click on Privacy and Security The settings menu will pop up and the settings are then shown.

Click on Add button at the top of the settings panel to add your own settings to the site.

To change the default behavior of your browser, you will need to restart Chrome on your desktop or laptop.

For more tips and tricks, see: 10 Things You Need to Know About Google Chrome in Windows 10

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