Kindred: A New Story for a New Generation

source In this edition of the independent game blog, the game that began life as a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a studio and its creators is back on Kickstarter, and the developers are raising funds to complete their second expansion.

The game was launched back in December of last year, but was not listed on the Kickstarter’s page until this week.

“The second expansion has been pushed back to the same time, but will be released sometime in the new year,” the project’s description reads.

“We have decided to move forward with the development of this project after many discussions with our fans, and hope that they will continue to support us through this new phase.”

“Our vision is to continue to build a story that captures the essence of a place in which people are not afraid to take risks and fight for their values.

We have a lot of work ahead of us.”

The second expansion will focus on the role-playing elements of Kindred.

“Kindred will be a completely new experience for players, and we plan to have a fully-fledged party game as well,” the developer explains.

The expansion will be based on an “alternate timeline,” but the game’s developers have already set out the setting, characters, and story. “

In this new chapter, players will be able to choose from a large number of characters, with the ability to add more to the party based on the number of followers you have.”

The expansion will be based on an “alternate timeline,” but the game’s developers have already set out the setting, characters, and story.

The first expansion’s story is set in an alternate world called “Aurum” (not to be confused with the fictional city of Aurum).

Kindred is set on the same planet, and players will spend a large amount of time traveling from place to place, interacting with other characters.

“With this new world, we want to give players a greater sense of immersion by adding an overarching story that will span many different regions, from the heart of the continent to the heartland of the world,” the developers write.

“Additionally, we will have a number of new NPCs and story-driven NPCs that will join the party as you progress.”

Kindred’s second expansion’s setting is also called “Casa Piscea.”

The game is currently set in the “Shadowland” of a world called the “Fantasyland.”

The two worlds will be linked by a river.

Kindred was originally announced as a “second expansion” to Kindred, but is now a standalone game.

This new expansion will take place after the game has finished developing its first expansion.

“While we’ve been working on Kindred for over a year, it was very important to us to move our focus away from the original project and into our second expansion,” the game developers explain.

“It’s important to note that this is still our first expansion, and that we’ve already been hard at work on it for over two years.

We hope that our fans will also support us with support as we continue to finish the expansion.”

“The new expansion is going to take place at a time where there is a lot happening in the world, and is also a new experience to players.

We are also very excited to have the support of our fans to help us build the story for the expansion, as well as make sure the expansion itself is in shape to be released this year.”

“In order to make sure we deliver the most immersive and unique experience possible, we have chosen to delay the first expansion,” they continue.

“However, we are still actively working to finish this expansion, which will be completed in the second half of this year.

In addition, we’ve got an amazing number of additional backers who are willing to help make sure this expansion does not slip through the cracks.”

The project’s creators have set a release date for the first full expansion: October 27, 2017.

“Our goal with this new expansion has always been to provide a fully immersive experience for the players, but we also wanted to ensure that this expansion would be playable before the second expansion was finished,” the company notes.

“By taking a look at our current plans and feedback, we believe that we can bring the second and third expansions to life as well.”

“We are confident that our first two expansions will be playable on both platforms, but the new expansion may be a bit more demanding for some players.

To help address this, we recommend that players play the first two games first before jumping into Kindred 2,” the players state.

“Thank you for your support, and please keep us in your thoughts as we move forward.”

Kindrings second expansion is set for a release on the Xbox One and PC, but it’s not yet known when it will be made available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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