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Gun builders are a huge category.

There are tens of thousands of gun builders, all with the same basic goal: Build guns.

They are often based on a simple idea: Build an AR-15, or build a custom AR-10.

And if you can afford to build a gun, why not build one that looks good in real life?

So how did Garen, a company that sells gun-building kits on its website, get its name?

“We are the best AR-14 builder on the market,” the company’s founder, Mark Garen said in a phone interview.

“We don’t have a name.

We’re not a gun manufacturer.

But we’re the best.

We have a lot of success.”

And while they do have a company name, the Garen team doesn’t want it to be associated with their products.

“Our name is just Garen,” Garen told us.

“The product is Garen.”

And as far as the guns themselves, Garen’s kits are built on an AR platform that is designed for high-end rifles like the AR-5 and the ARX-160.

The AR-7, for example, is the most popular rifle in the world, and is the rifle the GBR started out with, but they added the G-series rifles after they found their first customers.

So they made the decision to go with the AR platform for this particular gun.

“It’s really hard to build something like the GAR-15 in an AR system,” Geren said.

“But the AR system is really good.

It’s got a lot going on.

And the parts that are available are really good.”

“There are a lot more choices available,” GBR’s chief engineer, Eric LeBaron, said.

But there are still plenty of barriers to entry.

Most of the guns in Garen kits are made by the same company.

Most kits are sold in three or four different colors.

Most guns can be customized by adding an AR part.

And Garen is still a relatively small company.

But with so many options, it’s easy to overlook that the G1 is a different gun.

And when we asked Garen what their plans were for making this gun a better one, LeBark said that they’re still in the process of making the G2, which will be the G3.

“Right now, the goal is to get the G5 and G5-A,” LeBarson said.

The G5 is a bit bigger and heavier than the G4.

The new G4 looks like a scaled-down version of the G6.

The next gun will be called the G7.

GBR wants to be the best in the gun market, but the G15’s design isn’t what most people are looking for.

“Most people are interested in an extremely heavy and extremely realistic AR platform,” Garnan said.

Garen isn’t going to make any of those products anytime soon.

“They’re looking for something very similar to the AR platforms that we’re making,” LeBaron said.

And so the G14 is the next big thing, with a price tag of $1,400 and a full-size gun.

But for the people who already own an AR gun, the gun that Garen built looks great, but it isn’t cheap.

And it isn`t what most gun enthusiasts are looking to spend the money on.

“This gun looks great on paper, but is it going to be good in the field?”

Garen asked.


Garen also sells a “build a gun” kit, but there is a catch.

“You can’t actually buy a gun that’s finished.

You have to wait for the seller to ship the finished gun,” Garden said.

That means that you have to buy a complete gun that includes everything.

You can’t just buy the parts and start building a gun.

Instead, you have a gun to buy, a gunsmith, and a lot to do.

Gare’s GBR kits have been selling out quickly.

“There is a lot happening in the AR community,” Gernan said, adding that they’ve sold out of their first three kits, and they’ll probably sell out of all of them.

But Garen has a plan for how they plan to keep the gun sales going.

“I have a little bit of a strategy to keep it going,” Gare said.

One of the things Garen does is hire gunsmiths to build the guns.

The goal is for the gun to be ready for a customer within five years.

And then they have to do the work to ship that gun, and make it perfect.

“When you get to that point, you’re just getting there,” Garent said.

In fact, Gare has been using the “Make a gun a real life weapon” strategy to sell guns to customers.

“And we’ve seen it work,” G

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