Why the Kardashians love ‘Game of Thrones’: What’s next for the HBO series?

By TOM WILSONIn Game of Thrones season 7, Sansa Stark’s (Sophie Turner) marriage to Ramsay Bolton (Kit Harington) has been in jeopardy.

The couple have been fighting for months over Sansa’s succession, but HBO has not yet decided whether to renew the series for a third season.

While some have speculated that the showrunners are ready to make Sansa queen, others have speculated Sansa could be replaced by a new character.

HBO has been working to find a way to rebrand the series and has hired writers and directors to develop a new storyline.

Here are 10 questions about the show’s future.

What’s going on with Sansa?

While HBO has yet to announce Sansa as the series’ next queen, speculation about the character has been brewing for years.

The series has always been a bit of a mystery.

The showrunners have always been very secretive about how the series will end, even after the fifth season aired.

But now that the series has wrapped up, fans have had a chance to see the showrunner’s vision of Sansa and to read about the backstory of the Stark family.

Fans have speculated for years that Sansa is actually Bran Stark, the eldest son of Ned and Cersei.

In the books, Bran is a child of the Night’s Watch, which is a medieval army that was created during the reign of the Targaryens.

Bran is the younger brother of Jon Snow and the Stark children, and he’s the only one of the family that survived the Red Wedding.

Bran’s father is the Night King.

But Bran’s storyline in the books has been set before Bran’s conception, so fans were unsure how the story would play out.

But after the show ended, many fans began speculating about the possibility that Bran would return in a future season.

It wasn’t until the fifth book, A Dance with Dragons, that fans finally got a hint.

The sixth book, The Winds of Winter, suggests that Bran will be reunited with his brother, which would make Sansan the new queen.

Fans have been speculating for a while now that Sansan is Bran.

But as of this week, fans weren’t exactly sold.

Fans wondered if Bran would stay on as the show runner, and a source told Us Weekly that the producers wanted to get rid of him and keep Bran.

However, the producers also wanted to make it clear that Sansarans future is uncertain.

“They were trying to be as transparent as possible and it seems like they just couldn’t keep up,” the source said.

Fans also have a lot of questions about Sansa.

Will she stay with the Night Kings, a faction of the Starks that is made up of people from both the North and the South?

What’s Bran’s relationship with Jon Snow, who was killed by Ramsay Bolton and is presumed to have killed Bran?

Why does the show want Sansa to be the queen and not a child?

Is Sansa actually a kid?

How is Sansa going to end up marrying Jon Snow?

Will Sansa be the new king?

Fans have long been speciting about whether Sansa will become the new Queen of Westeros.

HBO and producers have been very upfront about the fact that Sansy is not the new ruler.

But they’ve also kept their cards close to their chests.

They have been tight-lipped about the potential royal succession, and the show has been trying to keep fans in the dark about the actual future of the series.

Fans may wonder what Sansa would be doing in Westeros if Sansa wasn’t the new King in the North.

However they are in the show, fans are still wondering about what Sansarains future might be.

Will Sansa rule as the new monarch?

Will the Starros continue to rule the Seven Kingdoms?

Will Arya Stark (Michelle Fairley) be a part of the new dynasty?

Will Ramsay be back in Westerotas future?

Will a new season of Game of Throne be on the way?

Will the show return for a fourth season?

Fans can find out more about the new season by visiting HBO.com.

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