When will you know you’ve been hired to build a MSU schedule builder?

Written by Nick Gass on November 03, 2018 12:34:04When the MSU Athletics Department hired me to be the new scheduling coordinator in late August, I was excited.

I had just been on the job for just under a month when my first meeting with the head coach was to inform me of the hiring of a new schedule builder.

I quickly learned that this was not just another position within MSU athletics, it was a critical part of our recruiting efforts.

The new hire, who I will call Sejuani, is an incredibly talented individual who is a passionate, driven person with a great vision for our recruiting strategy.

He is also very motivated and has a lot of good things to say.

He will be an invaluable asset to our recruiting effort, and will be the driving force behind our strategy to grow the program.

The role of a Scheduling Coordinator is very important to our success, as it sets the foundation for our recruitment and development of our top prospects, and it allows us to work with the best talent to make our program better.

In addition, this role is a critical one to ensure that our athletes receive the training and resources they need to excel.

Sejuani has already been a part of the coaching staff and will continue to be a mentor for the new staff as they move forward.

He knows our program very well and is a tremendous asset to us and our program.

He has been a great role model for us and has had a positive impact on the students in our student-athlete development programs.

He was also a fantastic role model to our student athletes, and he has been an inspiration to us all.

The first few months of Sejuian’s time at MSU were filled with great challenges.

His first job as a Scheduler was to work closely with our coaches and our staff to find a solution to our scheduling issues.

After months of work and planning, we were finally able to agree on a solution that will help us recruit and develop the best athletes possible.

I know we can rely on Sejuan to help us grow our program and create the most competitive team in the country.

I am excited to see where he will take us in the future.

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