New Delhi city building games to launch in April

New Delhi: The city building game, which launched in the US earlier this month, will be launched in April.

It will feature five different city building types and six buildings, including an apartment building, the first of its kind in India, according to a release from the developer.

The game will launch on the popular platform Minecraft, and the developers said they will provide free updates to the game over the course of the year.

According to the release, the game will be playable by children, adults and seniors and will have more than 1,000 buildings.

The game will have three modes, and each mode will have its own gameplay options, it said.

According for the game’s developers, the idea behind the game came from a desire to be able to create the same game in India in an affordable way.

The developers are currently looking for a new team member to work on the game, and are looking for game designers from across India.

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