What to expect at Kodi’s upcoming Build 23 update

Kodi’s build 23 update is set to go live today, and you’ll be able to get a preview of the upcoming features as they roll out.

While we’re still awaiting official confirmation on the new features, we can now confirm the first major update is going to bring an improved way to share content across Kodi.

The build has been renamed to Kodi Build 23 and will come with a new ‘Playlists’ feature.

This will let you share your entire library with up to six users, allowing for sharing to be made from anywhere.

If you have a set of users, you can then add them to a list and then choose how you want to share that content.

Once you’ve chosen a playlist, the playlist will automatically appear in the menu bar, allowing you to easily share the content with anyone.

As a quick example, you might have a collection of music, TV shows and movies, and have a playlists that are linked from your library.

By adding a playlist to a group, you could then share your library to all of your friends.

You can also choose to ‘lock’ a playlist in a group and only share certain items.

For example, if you only want to see one movie in your library, you won’t be able see the rest of the collection, but you can still share it.

The ‘lock and share’ feature is only available for new users and will be removed in the full build.

The biggest change in the build is the introduction of a new app drawer on the main menu bar.

You can now access and control the content you want by tapping the menu, or by swiping to the right of the icon.

The drawer will then open up to allow you to access and manage the items in the collection.

Another new feature is the ability to ‘unlock’ specific content on the app drawer.

Simply tap the menu icon and select ‘uncheck’.

This will lock the content and will not open the app.

We’ll be bringing you more on Kodi Builds 23 soon, so keep checking back.

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