Why you should care about Mordekaiser’s Pantheon build

Posted September 17, 2018 09:10:20The new patch for the upcoming Mordekaisers Pantheon builds, which hit on September 18, was one of the most talked about patches of the year.

The build is set to take the top spot on the ladder at the moment with over 1,000 ranked games and a number of players have already posted videos of the build in action.

Mordekaisers newest champion is one of those players who was quick to voice his excitement about the build and its potential.

In a recent video posted on Twitch, the player shows off the build to the audience.

Here’s a look at the build that has been gaining a lot of attention recently:A couple of hours after he posted the video, Mordekaizer was ranked at #1 in ranked games on the European Server.

This is a remarkable achievement for the newest champion and shows just how much support the community has for the build.

Mondekaiser has been a strong contender in the top lane in the recent patch, and he has been very successful at using his strong laning and lane control to dominate the competitive scene.

Many of his champions were reworked for the 2017 season with some of them making major changes to their base stats, such as the Pounce damage boost and the Pouncing ability to be able to take damage.

The new Mordekaizers build is designed to be a strong option for those who are looking to play him as a champion that excels at the lane phase and can snowball the game in the late game.

It’s hard to say exactly how successful the new Mordekais will be, but if it does take the #1 spot on his own, it’s going to be hard to top him off.

For the time being, the build looks like it’s taking over the top position in the competitive community and it looks like we’re likely to see it continue to do so for the next few weeks.

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