Which states should be worried about the Trump administration’s plan to dump a huge coal ash dump?

The White House announced Wednesday that it will remove more than 20 million tons of coal ash from the Marcellus Shale region of Pennsylvania, with more than half the remaining ash still slated for export.

It is the largest coal ash disposal in the U.S. since a federal law in 2015 allowed states to dump more than 2 billion tons of ash a year.

The White, which is also considering new environmental laws, said the move is needed to make sure coal ash is properly stored and disposed of.

The coal ash, which comes from older mines, has been linked to the contamination of drinking water and other pollution in the region.

But the EPA has not yet issued a final decision on the disposal.

The EPA has said it is considering more stringent requirements for disposal.

State environmental officials are expected to review the plan Thursday, the White House said.

The announcement comes just days after the Trump White House proposed the removal of nearly 5.4 billion tons in coal ash in Pennsylvania.

The move is a step toward eliminating a massive ash dump that has been blamed for a wide variety of environmental problems, including pollution of drinking waters and the formation of methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

Trump’s plan has been criticized by environmental groups, including the American Lung Association and the Center for Biological Diversity, and has drawn criticism from some Republicans who say the EPA should be working to reduce emissions from existing coal plants.

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