How to build a word build for Smite’s upcoming expansion title Blood Builder

In a series of interviews with Ars Technic’s Emily Speri, Emily detailed how she created a word builder that allows you to build custom word builds using the new “word builder” feature in the game’s latest expansion, Blood Builder.Emily used her own personal wordsmithing skills to create a custom word build that could be used […]

How to make your home beautiful, safe and functional

A home that is truly beautiful, homey and functional is what separates the winners from the losers when it comes to home improvement.It’s what keeps us from having to return to our basement for the next renovation.It is what makes a home our best friend and the one we love to live in.If you have […]

Why Fort Smith is the new “Big One” for the US tech industry

The Fort Smith Army base in South Carolina has become the latest battleground in the battle over who owns what and when.With the election looming, and with tech companies like Facebook and Google poised to compete with the military for contracts, the US military has been making the case that it is the nation’s most […]

How to build your dream apartment in Brisbane

Brisbane, Queensland – There is a lot to like about the city of Brisbane, but its got its fair share of problems, as you’ll soon discover.While the capital of Queensland is not the home of the biggest cities in Australia, its home to the fastest growing cities in the world.It’s a city where people come […]

Woman says she will never let her baby die after doctors say she will not be able to deliver

Body builder, body builder, and other title Bodybuilder’s father dies after being hit by car article A body builder’s father has died after being struck by a car on a busy New York City street.The death of Eric Lecce Jr., who was 50 years old, was announced by his father, Eric L. Lecces Jr., in […]

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