Inside the world of a modern military base

The building that houses the United States Central Command headquarters is almost exactly the size of a basketball court.

Inside, soldiers, Marines and Navy sailors all share the same hall.

It’s where they go to work.

It was built to hold about 5,000 troops and is now home to the US Army’s headquarters in Quantico, Virginia.

It is also where the US military is trying to build a new headquarters.

The building, known as the Joint Combatant Commands (JC) Center, was originally built to house the US Central Command (Centcom) but, in recent years, has been used for everything from intelligence gathering and operations to the building of new facilities for the US Marines.

Here is a look at some of the facilities the JC Center is used for.

The US Army building The US military’s headquarters is located on the US base in Quantia, Virginia, and is often called the Army’s Central Command Headquarters.

It houses about 5:20 people and is about the size and shape of a football field.

There are three separate buildings, a headquarters building and a control building.

It also houses a number of buildings for the Army Research Lab, a US Army research institute, as well as other buildings for other military agencies.

The headquarters building is the biggest building in the building, measuring 5,400 square metres (13,600 square feet) and is used to store information about the US forces in the area.

The complex contains three buildings, the headquarters building, which houses US Central Commands headquarters and the control building which houses the US Navy.

Each building is divided into two wings, each with a main office and an annexe.

The main office is used by US Centcom to keep track of the operations of all of the US army’s forces.

The control building houses the headquarters of US Army and Marine Corps Commanders, the command headquarters for all of US Central America and the headquarters for the other US military agencies in the region.

There is also an annex for the Office of the Secretary of the Army, a small office for US Army generals and a second annex for US Navy generals.

The command headquarters and annexe are designed to provide space for US troops to conduct daily operations and to monitor and manage the mission.

There also are three office buildings for US intelligence and a third for US military contractors.

The two main buildings are also used to house a number the offices for US Central American troops.

US Army headquarters The US army is the US armed forces.

Its main headquarters is in Fort Benning, Georgia, where about 10,000 US soldiers, marines and sailors are based.

There’s also a facility in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, where troops from the US Africa Command and US Special Operations Command are based, and the main headquarters of the Marine Corps.

The other two main headquarters buildings are in Washington, DC, where the Pentagon is, and in Kabul, Afghanistan, where US Army forces are based in the country’s north.

US Navy headquarters The United States Navy is the world’s third largest naval force, after the US Air Force and the US Marine Corps, and has been around since before World War Two.

It has a headquarters on the North Carolina coast and is the headquarters to the Naval Air Warfare Center in Cherry Point, North Carolina, which is home to many of the Navy’s ships.

There, it houses the Naval Training Center, where sailors learn basic skills and become better sailors.

There has also been a fleet of aircraft carriers, which have been used to train and deploy US troops.

There was also a submarine base, but that was decommissioned in 2012 and the facility was turned over to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

There are also a number facilities in the Gulf of Mexico, which are used by the US navy for sea trials and to train personnel and equipment.

The Joint Combat Air Training Center (JCATC) is the main military training facility for US forces.

It covers more than 5,300 square metres and is designed to train US forces at sea.

There have been multiple changes to the complex, but the main focus has been on the training of US sailors.

JCATC is also home to a number military training centres, which include the Navy Combat Warfare Training Center in Naples, Florida, and Naval Air Systems Command, which also has training facilities in Florida.

There were also a series of US military installations closed to civilian use over the years.

There had also been concerns about environmental impacts of the site, which includes a chemical plant, and some residents in the nearby communities of Punta Gorda and Punta Cana expressed concerns about the site being contaminated by the chemical plant. 

US Marine Corps base In 2013, the Joint Personnel Training Facility (JPTF) at Fort Benner, Georgia was demolished and replaced with the USMC Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, a sprawling military training base which houses up to 1,600 troops.

It holds about 1,400 people, including some of US CentCOM’s most elite soldiers, as the US Pacific Command

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