How to build a poppy farm with a friend

Buildings are often built to survive in the harshest conditions, but building a poppies in your backyard can be a lot of fun.

And we’ve been doing that for years, so let’s explore how to build some.1.

Determine where you live2.

Start with an existing structure3.

Build a few blocks in size, one for each house you have4.

Install a large roof5.

Create a structure around your backyard6.

Add a window7.

Add the roof to the building8.

Add an electrical system9.

Add your own composting system10.

Add some composting equipment11.

Add mulch12.

Add natural light13.

Add trees14.

Add plants15.

Build some fences and a fence post16.

Add landscaping17.

Add solar panels18.

Add more lighting19.

Add rain water20.

Add snow cover21.

Add composting toilets22.

Add soil and gravel23.

Add shade24.

Add fire extinguishers25.

Add fencing26.

Add tree trunks27.

Add water collection pipes28.

Add sprinklers29.

Add chimneys30.

Add fences31.

Add light control systems32.

Add outdoor plumbing33.

Add electric power generation systems34.

Add insulation35.

Add security features36.

Add window-mounted fans37.

Add ducting38.

Add plumbing39.

Add electrical outlets40.

Add trash disposal41.

Add gas pressure relief42.

Add power-operated irrigation43.

Add ventilation44.

Add drainage and water systems45.

Add sewage disposal46.

Add heat exchangers47.

Add garbage disposal48.

Add heating systems49.

Add wastewater treatment50.

Add underground water collection systems51.

Add windows52.

Add lighting53.

Add additional lighting54.

Add extra ventilation55.

Add roof ventilation56.

Add artificial lighting57.

Add vents58.

Add ventilators59.

Add door openings60.

Add skylights61.

Add smoke detectors62.

Add video surveillance system63.

Add soundproofing64.

Add automatic shut-off systems65.

Add blinds66.

Add emergency exits67.

Add self-serve vending machines68.

Add overhead lighting69.

Add food and beverage vending machines70.

Add automated food preparation equipment71.

Add alarm systems72.

Add wireless communication equipment73.

Add street lighting74.

Add road lighting75.

Add air conditioning and cooling76.

Add public transit77.

Add parking garages78.

Add playgrounds79.

Add recreation areas80.

Add community gardens81.

Add socializing areas82.

Add sports fields83.

Add bike trails84.

Add fitness centers85.

Add recreational facilities86.

Add arts facilities87.

Add shopping malls88.

Add parks89.

Add residential buildings90.

Add museums91.

Add art galleries92.

Add galleries for art and craft trades93.

Add library94.

Add bookstores95.

Add jewelry stores96.

Add department stores97.

Add restaurants98.

Add music stores99.

Add retail stores100.

Add theater101.

Add movie theaters102.

Add amusement parks103.

Add theme parks104.

Add park and boat parks105.

Add beach volleyball and beach volleyball facilities106.

Add swimming pools107.

Add fishing ponds108.

Add picnicking grounds109.

Add nature trails110.

Add hiking trails111.

Add trails for camping112.

Add golf courses113.

Add climbing walls114.

Add indoor swimming pools115.

Add backyard swimming pools116.

Add wooded areas117.

Add lawns118.

Add play structures119.

Add picnic areas120.

Add backyards121.

Add garden ponds122.

Add lakes123.

Add creek pools124.

Add river channels125.

Add ponds126.

Add riverside terraces127.

Add pool decks128.

Add grassy areas129.

Add small gardens130.

Add pondlets131.

Add terraces132.

Add urban garden areas133.

Add rooftop gardens134.

Add patio gardens135.

Add walkways136.

Add green spaces137.

Add flower beds138.

Add ornamental gardens139.

Add vegetable gardens140.

Add open-air events and activities141.

Add landscape features142.

Add gardens with flower beds143.

Add foliage gardening144.

Add greenspace gardens145.

Add native plants146.

Add aquatic plants147.

Add wildlife habitat148.

Add bird species149.

Add ferns and mosses150.

Add shrubs and mossy plants151.

Add flowering plants152.

Add perennials153.

Add hedges154.

Add vegetation plants155.

Add fruit trees156.

Add vegetables157.

Add herbs and spices158.

Add citrus trees159.

Add zucchini trees160.

Add tomatoes161.

Add onions162.

Add pomegranates163.

Add lemons164.

Add squash165.

Add radishes166.

Add garlic, onions, lemons, and onions167.

Add peas168.

Add beans169.

Add broccoli170.

Add eggplant171.

Add carrots172.

Add celery173.

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