‘He’s not a villain. He’s just a guy that wanted to do something’ – Jhin Jhin, ‘I’m Not a Villain’

The rapper, who has had a string of solo albums, including the recent “He’s Not a Hero” and “Crazy,” recently released his sophomore album “Lil Baby.”

It was released on March 1.

Jhin Jhoin is one of a growing number of artists to have a solo album out this year, with many others like Rihanna and Justin Bieber following suit.

“It’s amazing that the number of solo artists is so high,” says Jayde, whose track “The Party” features Jhin.

“I think it’s a great sign that we are getting so much more respect for what we do.”

The rapper has been nominated for five Grammys, including Album of the Year.

He’s also garnered attention for his outspoken and socially conscious stance.

For instance, he has been critical of Beyonce, a popular hip-hop star, and has said he’d prefer to see rappers take over the entertainment industry instead of being forced into it.

Jayde says that while he has a lot of respect for the artists who have come before him, he hopes to bring more awareness to what he does.

He says that’s why he plans to be more visible, and that it’s his hope that the new album will be “a stepping stone for all of us.”

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