Al Jazeera: The ‘JAYCE’ of the building supply industry

Building supply firms like Jayce are thriving in a new era of competition.

Building supply houses have been around for decades but in a world where big businesses are increasingly competing for business and consumers’ attention, the boom is now a reality.

The first building supply firms to make headlines were built by Jayce, the leading builder of home furnishings and appliances, in the US, and in the last two years the firm has been in a big way.

Building Supply Week, the biggest building supply trade show in the world, is held every March.

It has become the most popular and prestigious event for home builders, architects and designers.

In 2015 Jayce was named one of the world’s top 10 largest building supply houses by Forbes magazine.

Jayce is also the largest home builder in the UAE, according to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The company is also a major supplier of construction equipment and is now growing rapidly, thanks to the surge in interest in home building from overseas.

Building the future is a major focus for Jayce.

In a bid to keep pace with the changing industry, Jayce has been investing in its infrastructure.

Its building centres in the United Arab Emirates and China have been set up to make it easier for local workers to access construction materials, such as floor and ceiling tiles and cement.

Jaycce also has plans to open its own manufacturing centre in Abu Dhabi, where it is working on building a new manufacturing facility.

The firm is also looking at the possibility of opening its first manufacturing facility in the Middle East, which it said it would like to build in Qatar.

“We have seen a real shift in the industry from what was a manufacturing sector in the early 1990s, to a modern, complex and integrated supply chain,” said Aljibre Ali, Jaycencial’s managing director and the former chief executive of the UAE’s construction firm, Fudan, which Jayce also owns.

The new Jayce strategy is to create a “digital factory” to connect its manufacturing facilities to the internet, which will be the key to creating a global supply chain that is more efficient and sustainable.

“Our manufacturing is now connected to the world via our global supply chains,” Ali told Al Jazeera.

“It is really about how we connect these two systems and create a system that can compete with the world.”

The Jayce digital factory would be a “huge leap forward” in the sector, Ali said.

“There is a massive gap in the supply chain, because our supply chain is so complex and it’s all online.”

Jayce currently has four production plants in the Emirates, in Abuju, Al Ahli and Sharjah.

The UAE government has allocated more than US$5bn to the Jayce Global Manufacturing and Supply chain Innovation Fund, which is being used to boost the UAE economy, according a statement by Jaycene.

Jaycean is also considering setting up its own factory in Dubai, the world capital of the homebuilding industry, to produce products that are exported to the Middle Eastern region.

Ali said that in the future Jayce will also be looking at building factories in the Asian markets, such for the Chinese market.

Building a global factory is not something Jayce plans on doing alone.

“I am looking at ways to be part of a bigger, more global industry,” he said.

The Jayccean factory will be connected to Jayce’s global supply network by a third-party service provider, according the statement.

JayCE already operates a global manufacturing business in Dubai with Fudans’ building supply business, and Ali said Jayce could use this expertise in building a factory in the country.

“Jayce has a huge amount of expertise in the building industry,” Ali said, referring to the UAE.

“If we can use Jayce in this way to build a factory, we will have a big impact on the global industry.

We will see an exponential growth in the global supply of homebuilding products.”

The company has also invested heavily in the recruitment of workers in the Dubai area.

Ali told the BBC that in 2020 Jayce hopes to employ 5,000 workers in Dubai.

He said the UAE is home to over half of Jayce employees and the company has been working with a number of different partners in Dubai to help with the recruitment process.

The Dubai government is also working on ways to make building more sustainable.

Ali says Jayce wants to focus on building more affordable homes.

“The demand for affordable housing has grown by 25 per cent in the first six months of this year, so we are focusing on the development of affordable housing for our residents,” Ali added.

Jayces plans to invest US$2.5bn in its homebuilding programme in 2019.

Ali is confident that Jayce can become a “global leader” in building.

“This is going to be our big opportunity.

We are going to build some houses in Dubai,” he told

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