How to get your aram build up to date in Docker 10.3

Google has announced it will be launching a new Docker tool to help developers quickly get their builds up to code quality in Docker.

The tool, named aram, will provide developers with a way to quickly create automated builds and upload them to Docker.

The new tool will enable them to:The release notes for the tool note that:As of today, aram supports builds of docker-compose-* versions, including the latest version 10.0.3, which is now available.

It can also automatically build your Dockerfile if you enable the “compile-in” feature of the build server.

The new aram tool can be configured to build the Dockerfile for a particular build, allowing it to automatically upload the dockerfile to the build repository.

The build can then be deployed using the Docker-composer command line tool, which will build the package in a single command and upload the package to Docker Hub.

Users of the new arame tool can choose from a variety of packages, including docker-imports , docker-images , docker images, docker image images, and docker-compiler-* packages.

These packages will automatically be built when a new version of Docker is released, making it easier to get the latest changes into your container.

The aram tools are built into the Docker CLI, which can be installed by running the following command:$ docker build -t aram aram:latestThe docker-cli can be used to run Docker commands with a command line interface.

For example, docker run –rm aram will remove the build from the Docker Hub repository and send the package on to the aram image repository.

Users can then use the arame tools to build packages using the following commands:$ aram -v The aram images can be built using docker build-image-* .

The arame image can be run with docker build .

The arame build tool has been in the development branch since last week, and is now included in the latest release of Docker.

Users will be able to test their builds on their own machines, but the new tool should be useful for developers that want to test and review their Dockerfiles.

It should be noted that aram has been tested in Ubuntu 12.04 and 13.04 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

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