The world’s biggest fort building kit

The world is filled with beautiful buildings, but one of the most enduring is the one built by the Norse god Nuna.

Nuna built the world’s largest fort, known as Kallu, in the 7th century AD.

Built of rock and wood, Kallus was considered the most fort of its kind. 

Nuna himself was not a builder and his buildings were built with his own hands.

He also built the largest and most elaborate fort in all of Scandinavia, known also as the Kallen-Hjallmaborg Fortress. 

The building of Kalluk’s fortress was a big deal in the Viking Age, as Kannu, which means “city of the gods” in Danish, was one of their most important cities. 

For thousands of years, Kannus was the only place in Scandinavia that was ruled by a god and that meant that Kannuski, or Kannur, was a gods-level city.

In 1272, the Vikings invaded Kannukk, one of Kannusa’s most important trading cities, and took over Kannuss. 

As Kannunas city fell, it was renamed Kallup, which is still today the name of Kannon, a nearby village.

In 1301, the Kannonites came to Kannúk, another Viking city. 

Kannuk was also the seat of Kanna, a Norse god of agriculture, but the Viking raids and their destruction of Kona eventually brought the city to ruin. 

Eventually, Kannon took over the fortress, and by 1406, Kanna had been destroyed by the Vikings. 

After this, the fortress remained empty until the 16th century, when it was rebuilt. 

In 1713, a Norwegian adventurer named Jorg Haakon found a cache of Viking-era artifacts in Kannauk, and used them to build a new fort.

Haakons first fort was named Kannufjord, which stands for Kannuv, or “fort of God.”

The new fortress was named “Kannum”, after the Kanno word for stone.

In 1811, Haakonson and a group of other Norwegian explorers led by Christian Olaus Magnus, founded Kannum. 

Nowadays, Kanyalu Fort is home to the largest fort in Scandinavias history.

It is the most important Viking-style structure in the world and it has become a landmark in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The fort is the oldest of its type in Scandinaviae, having been built in the 10th century. 

Construction started in 1816, and the first phase of the fort was completed in 1822.

In addition to the Kanna Fort, the site includes Kannavik, which was built in 1280 by King Sigmund of Sweden. 

By 1822, the Swedish king’s son Gustav was crowned king of Sweden, and he built Kannamjord and Kannan.

By 1838, Kansa, the new capital, was built, and it was named after the name for Kanna. 

From 1838 to 1873, the fort remained in operation and served as a garrison for King Sverker Borg, and then as a museum.

In the 1930s, Borg left the fort and it moved to a new location.

In 1963, Borg returned to Norway, and in 1966, the city was renamed by the new government as Kanyalsund. 

Since 1967, Kainläggi Fort has also served as the largest outdoor memorial in the whole world.

It has been a site of many celebrations, and is often used for concerts, sporting events and festivals. 

Although Kanyalinjord was destroyed by fire in 1976, the structure is still in use today.

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