‘Kindred Build’ sparks friendship between two groups in South Australia

A group of six men and women have come together to build bridges and other infrastructure for people who have lost their homes or were displaced by the bushfires.

The bridge builder was inspired by a man who died while crossing the River Alice and had been searching for a way to get home, and so he began building bridges for people to use.

“I’m hoping that people will feel a sense of community,” he said.

The first bridge project to be built is for a family who lost their home in the fire.

“It’s just about making a difference in their lives,” said Andrew and Marika Tarrant.

“If you look at it from their point of view, we are a family.

We have lost our home, our car, everything.

We’re living on a small plot of land.”

So we wanted to make sure that we are helping people, and we’re trying to build a bridge so people can come here, and they can get out, and that they can come back.

“Mr Tarrants wife had been in the community before, and she knew she wanted to help.”

They have a big heart, and it’s so difficult to go home,” she said.”

And I want to make it as comfortable as possible for them to go back.

“That’s what I’m working towards.

I want them to feel like they’re home.

I just want them that they feel safe, that they’re safe to come back and do what they want to do, because they’re able to do so.”

Andrew and Marique Tarrancy are building a bridge for people with the River Walk project, which has been launched by the South Australian government.

The project was launched by South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill in a bid to ease the pressure of the bushfire devastation.

“This is an opportunity for the community to really be engaged with one another,” he told the ABC.

“People come from all around the state to help out.

They come from different parts of the state, and there’s a lot of different cultures.”

We want to create bridges for the people in the town of River Walk, to give them a way back home, so that they could come back.

We want them and the people that live in the area to be able to come together and do something positive for one another.

“For Mr Weatherill, the idea is not just to provide a place to spend time, but also to provide something for the residents to do that they don’t get the chance to do themselves.”

There’s a whole lot of people who are out there doing things that we just can’t do ourselves,” he explained.”

What we’re doing here is to allow them to do things that they might not be able do themselves.””

We are helping to bridge the gap that is left for people when it comes to the rebuilding process.

“To help support the project, the Tarrantes have created a fund called The Bridge Builder’s Fund.”

To help us out, the first thing that we’re asking for is to donate a dollar of every dollar that you can, and then we’re also asking for donations from businesses that are willing to donate their time,” Mr Weatherills said.

He said there had been a lot for the Tarsants to do.”

Every single day we’ve been working, we’ve put in a lot,” he joked.”

With each of these projects, we’re just working so hard.

We don’t just get a dollar, we get a piece of our community back.

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