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Smite builds on Smite 1.0 beta 1

Smite 2.0 Beta 1: The biggest new features, the biggest changes, and the biggest bugs of Smite Beta 1.5.1: Smite’s biggest feature: new gear and itemsThe new gear: new skins and trinketsNew items: more items to earn, including new skins, trinket, and skin skinsThe biggest changes: the most powerful attacks, the most effective combos, and […]

The world of anime has opened its doors to anime fans once again

A new anime has appeared on Crunchyroll, this time starring anime writer Takahiro Nishizawa, who previously worked on One Piece, Fairy Tail, and Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ article Crunchy, the official English-language online service for Crunchyworld, announced on Tuesday that Nishizawas anime, Ijimonogatari, will be released on June 12.The official English title of the […]

Cassiopeias build self credit builder

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cassiopes, a new self-credit builder program.They’re an amazing company that provides an innovative and effective way to build credit in communities that are underserved.Cassioses approach has proven to be a powerful way to bring credit into communities in the Philippines.Casiopeias first build a credit score, a form of […]

‘I don’t think the White House is going to let me go’: The fallout from the Trump White House

Axios/Huffington Post/Getty Images source AxiomNews article The latest version of the Senate Republican bill to repeal and replace Obamacare would impose $1.8 trillion in tax hikes on businesses and individuals and $1,000 per child in Medicaid spending, according to a draft released Wednesday by the Congressional Budget Office.That would include $1 billion in Medicaid cuts […]

Supreme Court rejects request to block scheme to rebuild Kha Zix City

The Supreme Court has rejected a petition by construction company KhaZix to block the construction of a $20bn ($18bn) project to rebuild the iconic Ka Zix city hall.The High Court of Justice in a 4-2 decision on Monday ruled that the project would not proceed without KhaXix’s consent.The court said the building would be built […]

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